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Teaching Math: An Interview with Dr. Fred Worth

Vol. 107, Prg. 26–30
October 10–14, 2011

If math is the bane of your homeschooling existence, this week’s program is for you! Math professor Fred Worth discusses why your students might struggle with this difficult subject and how you can improve their performance. A solid foundation in math can prepare your child for life success!

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When Johnny Can’t Count
Adding up the Score on Standardized Tests
Raising the Bar on Numbers
The ABCs of 1-2-3
Why Math Equals Success

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Chuck Bentley
Dr. Fred Worth earned a B.S. in mathematics from Evangel College in Springfield, Missouri, and then an M.S. and a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Missouri-Rolla. He taught one year at St. Anthony High School in Jersey City, New Jersey, and six years as a teaching assistant at the University of Missouri-Rolla. He has been a professor of mathematics at Henderson State University in Arkansas for 18 years. He is also the associate pastor at Twin Rivers Church of the Nazarene near Arkadelphia, Arkansas. Fred and his wife, Beth, have one son, Mark, who lives in Kansas with his wife, Debra and their homeschooled son, Christopher. For the past nine years, Fred has spoken at numerous homeschool conventions: from Arkansas to Texas, Missouri, New York, and Oklahoma. The majority of his presentations have been mathematical in nature, seeking to help homeschool parents more effectively teach mathematics to their children. Additionally, Fred has made a number of presentations on more pastoral topics, aimed at encouraging homeschool parents, particularly fathers, in making their homeschool experience as effective and rewarding as possible.

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