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Parlez Vous? Finding Foreign Language Options

Vol. 107, Prg. 6–10
September 12–16, 2011

Learning a language can be daunting… but incredibly rewarding! This week on Home School Heartbeat, Mike Smith is joined by language lovers who may be teaching and studying languages that you have never considered. Find out about their languages and the opportunities that arise as they master a foreign tongue!

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Fulfilling Language Requirements
The Middle East: Lebanon
Eins, Zwei, Drei…


Diane Kummer
Diane and her husband Tom homeschooled their two children from kindergarten through 12th grade using a variety of teaching options. As an HSLDA High School Consultant, Diane regularly speaks at homeschool conferences, writes articles and brochures on high school topics, and has a heart to inspire moms in their teaching. She provides personal consultation to HSLDA members and encourages parents to keep going and to enjoy teaching high school! During her homeschooling years, Diane coordinated events, activities, and support meetings for her church’s 190-plus homeschooling families while developing a program that provided evaluation of credits, diplomas, and transcripts for high school families. Along with songwriters, singers, and actresses from her church, Diane was involved in two videos created by the FunnyMoms to encourage and uplift homeschooling mothers. Her love for math is evident as she continues to teach high school-level math classes for homeschooled students.

Dede Daoud
Dede Daoud was born in Basra, Iraq, and grew up in Lebanon. Graduating from Beirut University College with a Business Computers degree, she worked as a computer analyst and programmer before she got married and moved to the USA in order to attain her graduate degree. Fortunately, God had different plans; He blessed her and her husband with two daughters they homeschooled. Her oldest is now attending Patrick Henry College. Dede is still teaching her youngest, who is a junior in high school, at home. When she’s not teaching, Dede loves to be out in the yard with her plants and flowers at her home in Hayward, California, and enjoying how they reflect God.

Loralee Spurlock
Loralee was raised in a home where the Bible was taught regularly. She started at a very young age wanting to bring people to know about GOD. She started Bible clubs in her neighborhood at the age of 8, got kicked out of nursing school because of witnessing, taught in Christian schools, and was a missionary in Mexico and Africa. After her husband was killed in a plane crash during their ministry in Africa in 1980, she worked on developing opportunities for teaching others. She has been a speaker and teacher when and wherever she can. She began to learn and teach Hebrew about 12 years ago, and has a growing love for Israel.

Ingrid Heidelberger
Ingrid Heidelberger is a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania, where she intends to major in linguistics. She was homeschooled through high school by her mother, Dana Heidelberger, and has attended several local homeschool co-ops. Since elementary school, she has been extremely interested in foreign languages, and she looks forward to exploring the field of linguistics at UPenn.

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