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General Douglas MacArthur
volume 104, Program 8
Airdate: Wednesday, April 20, 2011
Originally Aired: Wednesday, March 10, 1999
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Please note: Today’s program is a rerun that first aired on March 10, 1999.

The career of General Douglas MacArthur is unmatched by any military figure in the 20th century. Join Michael Farris, chairman and general counsel of Home School Legal Defense Association, as he talks about MacArthur’s upbringing, today on Home School Heartbeat.

Michael Farris:
Douglas MacArthur was a general’s general. Born in 1880, he led men into combat in World War I, World War II, and the Korean Conflict. He was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, as well as many other decorations. He came by his military ability quite naturally since his father, Arthur MacArthur, Jr., was also awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his valor in the Civil War decades earlier.

In his younger years, Douglas MacArthur lived on a succession of army posts. A regular public school education was impossible, so his mother instructed him in reading, writing, and arithmetic. More importantly, she also instilled in him two principles that stayed with him throughout his life: first, to do what was right no matter what the personal sacrifice might be; and second, that our country must always come first. Through the example set by his father, and the books and teachings he received from his mother, Douglas learned about courage and heroism.

MacArthur went on to graduate from West Point with the third highest overall scores in the history of that institution. I pray that the perseverance of today’s homeschool parents will produce yet another generation of leaders who will guide our country back to the principles of honor and freedom held by such men as Douglas MacArthur.

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