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Family Writing: An Interview with Jill Novak

Vol. 103, Prg. 6–10
February 28–March 4, 2011

Your child may write tolerably well, but how do you transform writing from a chore to a delight? Join Mike Smith on this week’s edition of Home School Heartbeat, as he speaks with Jill Novak. Listen in for tips on how to make writing personal, practical, and just plain fun for the whole family!

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Love, Mom: Writing Family Letters
Beyond Dear Diary
Get the Write Start
Write Now, Thank Me Later
Jill's Story


Jill NovakJill Novack

Jill Novak and her husband Robert share over 20 years of experience as homeschoolers and nearly 25 years of experience raising five children. Jill holds a degree from The American Academy of Art in Chicago and has worked for the David C. Cook Publishing Company as a graphic designer of Sunday school curriculum and children’s books. Since becoming a mother, she has found an outlet for this creativity through her family’s home-based Remembrance Press, publisher of The Gift of Family Writing.

Along with her son Eric (20) and daughter Claire (24), Jill teaches parents and children how to develop their skills as writers and journalists. They also do speaking engagements for parents and older children who wish to work from home, with special emphasis on self-publishing. Out of personal experience with difficult times, Jill shares a message of hope and comfort with others. Jill's goal is to encourage individuals of all ages to discover and nurture their God-given talents.

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Do you want to give your children a love for words and the tools to process them? Starting now, help your children record their life stories as they happen! Whether writing comes easily to your child or it’s a struggle, you'll love the tips and techniques Jill Novak has developed over the years for working with children of different temperaments and learning styles. Join Jill for a live webinar on March 10 at 9 p.m. ET. Click the link above to learn more or register.

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