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Helping Hands: Grandparents as Part of Your Homeschool

Vol. 102, Prg. 21–25
January 31–February 4, 2011

Whether your parents are academic types or not, chances are they have some field of expertise that they can share with their grandchildren. Find out how to encourage them to participate in teaching your kids, and hear specific ways other homeschool parents have done that on this week’s edition of Home School Heartbeat with Mike Smith.

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Let’s Get Together! Grandparents as Mentors
Fear Not: Addressing Grandparents’ Homeschooling Qualms
All in the Family: Getting Grandparents Involved
A Grandmother’s Perspective
Lines in the Sand: Setting Boundaries


David and Valerie MonkDavid and Valerie Monk
David and Valerie Monk are the proud parents of five girls and six boys ranging from 1 to 24 years old. They have homeschooled since 1990 after Valerie decided not to return to her engineering career but to focus her efforts on educating and training their children. The three oldest daughters have graduated from homeschool, seven are currently homeschooled, and their toddler will keep them going for another 17 years! Because of their love of homeschooling, they have served on the AFHE Board of Directors since 1994 as Convention Directors where they have sought to share the joys and vision of homeschooling with other parents. In addition to his service at AFHE, David works as a research and development semiconductor engineer and manages to teach piano and several high school classes to his children.

Becky Butler
Becky Butler is a veteran homeschool mom and grandmother who lives in the country outside Huntsville, Alabama. Since she met a large family as a child, she always wanted to have a lot of kids. Having seven children made for a very busy life, but now that she only has one to school, she feels busier than ever! Becky teaches in the local co-op and helps her children with her 15 grandchildren (plus three on the way), from time to time, remembering how as a younger mother she liked to get away with her husband, Phil, or just to go to the store empty-handed. The Butler family (currently at 32 members) enjoys country living with Field Day in the fall, family gatherings, or just having a friend over to drink lemonade on the porch and enjoy fellowshipping around the Lord's goodness.

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