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Making Siblings Friends: An Interview with the Mally Family

Vol. 100, Prg. 16–20
October 18–22, 2010

Most people probably assume that conflict among siblings is normal, but the Mally kids have a different perspective. Learn how to inculcate peace and friendship between brothers and sisters as Mike Smith interviews Sarah, Stephen, and Grace on this week’s Home School Heartbeat.

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My Sibling, My Friend
Removing Birth Order Barriers
Sibling Rivalry Reversed
Choosing the Right Reaction
Why Try so Hard?

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Hear more from the Mallys and ask your questions about how you can encourage your children to be friends! Learn more about this live webinar and register at the link above. Sign Up Now >>


Sarah, Stephen, and Grace Mally

The Mally family began homeschooling in 1990. Sarah, Stephen, and Grace (31, 25, and 21) work with their parents leading their family ministry, Tomorrow’s Forefathers. The goal of this ministry is to equip the coming generation to rise up as strong men and women of God. In 2002, Sarah, Stephen, and Grace published Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends, which has sold over 50,000 copies. They speak often on this and other subjects at homeschool and family conferences.

Sarah is the founder of Bright Lights, a discipleship ministry designed to equip young ladies to use the years of their youth fully for Christ. There is now a growing network of Bright Lights groups across the country. Sarah also published Before You Meet Prince Charming, a guide to radiant purity, in 2006.

Stephen, in addition to working with their family ministry, leads a discipleship group for young men called The Light Shop. On the side, he is also a photojournalist, working for several newspapers and wire services.

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For more of the Mallys’ insights on how brothers and sisters can enjoy the life-long treasure of friendship, check out their book, Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends.

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