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No. 2

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by Chuck Hurst
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Notes from Our Members

We try not to toot our own horn; our joy is in serving our members and giving them exceptional customer service. Nevertheless, there is a fair amount of “horn tooting” going on out there, and in this Inside Scoop I thought you would enjoy reading what other members are saying.


We appreciate everything HSLDA does to protect homeschooling. As a military family, we do not always get to choose where we are stationed. HSLDA has helped us navigate the sometimes difficult process of getting to know a state’s individual mandates pertaining to schooling at home. Thanks!
R. family / Meridian, MS
I really needed advice this year as we started high school. Thanks for being there!
C. family / Rocklin, CA
We are very happy with our membership with HSLDA … especially the Struggling Learner newsletters and other publications. I tell all my friends who are homeschooling kids with special needs to join HSLDA. Thank you!
R. family / Old Hickory, TN
We have not needed any legal services this year, but our HSLDA membership has been worth every penny—the peace of mind, the wonderful publications, and the email updates are invaluable. We also appreciate the telephone calls over the year, welcoming us and checking in to see if we had any questions or needs. Thank you!
H. family / Grand Rapids, OH
We have never needed legal assistance during our 18 years of homeschooling, for which we are very thankful. Nevertheless, HSLDA has been a valuable information resource, advocate, and source of protection. We always recommend that families new to homeschooling become members.
H. family / Boone, NC
I love your magazine and really use it when talking to my friends about homeschooling and the benefits of being a member of HSLDA. Though we personally have never required your services, we do feel comforted to know that you are there keeping the laws fair and fighting for the right cause. Thank you.
W. family / San Antonio, TX
I appreciate your updates and hearing about other homeschoolers around the country. It helps me to stay informed and to be able to pray for those who are facing persecution. I am glad to know that I have a wonderful organization like HSLDA on my side if I ever face persecution for homeschooling! Keep up the great work!
K. family / Philadelphia, PA

I have an ulterior motive for sharing these gracious notes of praise. I hope you’ve learned more about the services we offer—much more than legal help—and that you’ll experience an even greater peace of mind and sense of mission with HSLDA.

Thanks for partnering with us to keep homeschooling strong and free for generations to come! If you’d like to share what you appreciate about HSLDA, or ever have a question or concern, feel free to email us at info@hslda.org or call 540-338-5600.

About the author

Chuck Hurst is the director of the HSLDA Membership Department.