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by Cherise Curby and Ricci Black
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Texas Ambassador a Double Blessing

Gina Vormelker wears many hats: she is a resourceful partner to her husband in his business, a creative, busy homemaker, a dedicated homeschooling mother of three children, and a successful Mary Kay consultant on the side.

In August 2011, Gina hosted a Mary Kay party (left) to benefit local homeschooling families in need. A matching grant from HSF doubled the amount she was able to give each family (below).
Courtesy of the family
In August 2011, Gina hosted a Mary Kay party (left) to benefit local homeschooling families in need. A matching grant from HSF doubled the amount she was able to give each family (below).

Despite all she does, when Gina heard that she could use her skills to help struggling homeschool families in her area, she jumped in wholeheartedly. She became a Home School Foundation Community Ambassador, joining the growing network of Ambassador volunteers across the country who are the hands and feet of the Foundation.

The Ambassador Program combines HSF resources with local means to network, fundraise, and find and help struggling homeschooling families. As a new Ambassador, Gina combined her talents and assets to host a Mary Kay fundraiser in August 2011 for the HSF Texas State Ambassador Fund.

As part of a special incentive last year, HSF offered to match Ambassador-raised funds up to $2,000 per participating state, for a total of $4,000. Thus, Gina’s efforts produced double the resources that could then be put back into her local Texas home-school community.

Gina immediately went to work determining how the doubled funds might help families in her area. She focused on four homeschool families in need:

>> The K. family has four children. After their son was severely bullied in middle school, they borrowed some curricula and began homeschooling partway through a semester. They needed help purchasing basic curricula and teacher support tools, as well as covering one month’s living expenses while the husband sought employment and finished school.
>> The R. family is home educating two young children and suffering from the financial strain that comes from chronic illness and job loss.
>> The C. family is homeschooling the last of several children and contending with extreme food allergies, which increase their grocery costs substantially. The dad is a disabled veteran who works as a self-employed photographer.
>> The M. family is experiencing a desperate financial situation but only requested assistance with basic curricula to complete this school year’s educational goals.

Through Gina’s fundraising and networking, each of these families received grants to help them homeschool.

Gina says she wants to find more people willing to become Ambassadors to help her do more of the same work in her community. As she continues to reach out to people and groups, she shares the HSF mission of “Helping families homeschool through hard times” and demonstrates the Ambassador Program’s goal of “Many hands making a difference in your homeschool community.”

To learn more about the Ambassador Program, please visit the Home School Foundation website.

About the author

Cherise Ryan Curby is the HSF website project manager and editor. Ricci Black is the HSF Ambassador Program coordinator.

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If you are a federal employee or a member of the military, make HSF the beneficiary of your donation. HSF’s CFC number is 10535. For more information, visit the CFC website at www.opm.gov/cfc.

From the Director

Chuck Hurst
Chuck Hurst

One of the touching aspects of this ministry is that many of the families we help have a heart to help others … even when they are unable to do so. The sentiment reflected by this attitude is something quite beautiful—a grateful heart.

Recently, we received this email from the H. family in Alabama: “We so appreciate the services you offer. Also, we appreciate your help with our HSLDA membership fees while my husband was laid off from July 2010 to January 2012. I’m happy to report that he went to work in January 2012! We look forward to being able to donate and help someone else in the near future.”

In late 2001, we set up our Members Helping Members Fund to help families continue their HSLDA membership when struck with financial hardships. Over the years, we have given out over 4,300 membership scholarships.

If your family needs help, please feel free to contact the Home School Foundation at info@homeschoolfoundation.org or call 540-338-8688.

If you would like to help your fellow homeschoolers, please consider a donation to our Members Helping Members Fund. We don't turn any needy families away, so we would delight in having your help to replenish this fund.

Thanks for every expression of your grateful heart!