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by Michael P. Farris
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The Voice of an Angel

I was a young lawyer living in Washington State when Jimmy Carter was president. One time I found myself in D.C. over the weekend while I was working on a case. Even though I didn’t like Carter’s politics, I thought I would go to his Baptist church on Sunday. I wanted to see the president and hang out with the fancy people.


When I got to the church, I found that they had a lot of visitors and a strange way (in my estimation) of dealing with them. Visitors had to sit in a roped-off section in the back—far away from the members and regulars. There were lines and ropes and ushers treating us like cattle on a loading dock.

I had my heart set on meeting someone famous, but instead I found myself seated next to a woman from New Jersey who was as opposite to my expectation as I could have imagined. She was not famous. She was not good-looking—in fact, she suffered from a severe deformity. She was hunchbacked.

Even though I knew it was wrong, I was sitting there resenting my “luck” being seated next to this lady when I wanted to meet the president or someone famous.

In the midst of my pout, we sang the first hymn. The most beautiful voice I have ever heard in my life started pouring out of the soul of the little woman next to me who barely came up to my waist. Think Susan Boyle and then make the voice even sweeter and more inspiring.

HSLDA Founder and Chairman Mike Farris
HSLDA/ Kimberlee Hart
HSLDA Board Chairman Michael Farris.

And it was not just a voice that enthralled me. It was her soul that came pouring out in the melody and lyrics that we sang. She loved God intensely and it was so apparent to me that she knew she was basking in His prior love.

As I thought about it later, I was not totally positive she was human. If I have ever met an angel in disguise, I am convinced she would have been the one.

Man—especially this man—tends to look on the outside. But God looks on the heart. I heard a beautiful voice that day that revealed an even more beautiful heart in the eyes of a wise and loving God.

Today’s world is saturated with visual stimuli. Your eyes will lie to you—they are unable to always detect what is either beautiful or true.

This is an area where your words will influence your own children, but your actions will mean a whole lot more. Let your children catch you in the act of being delighted by God’s remarkable ability to send us lessons through unexpected people.