The Home School Court Report
No. 6

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How HSLDA Protects Freedom at the Federal Level

HSLDA’s efforts to protect homeschool freedom are based on three prongs.

First, we seek to maintain a presence on Capitol Hill. Our federal relations staff hold regular meetings with members of Congress and their aides and work closely with allied organizations, keeping a close eye on legislative developments and enabling homeschoolers to take immediate grassroots action when a bill threatens or supports homeschool freedom. We track and read every single piece of legislation that could affect homeschooling. We also field calls from homeschoolers, answering questions about federal legislation, military recruitment, or anything to do with homeschooling on the national scene. Not only does this provide information to homeschoolers seeking to be involved in the legislative process, but it helps us know what issues are on homeschoolers’ minds.

Second, our Congressional Action Program (CAP) trains volunteer lobbyists who live within commuting distance of Washington, D.C. These homeschooling parents and mature young people can personally appeal to members of Congress and their staff to make wise legislative decisions on bills that affect homeschool freedom. Additionally, giving legislators and their staff the chance to personally meet home educating families encourages understanding between homeschoolers and government officials.

Third, we promote grassroots activism through our email alerts (e-lerts). The federal relations department uses HSLDA’s nationwide email list to quickly alert homeschoolers across the nation when congressional action is pending on a bill affecting homeschool freedom. Through a simple phone call or email to your federal representatives, you can make a national difference!