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A Life-changing Decision

Due to my son Michael’s Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD, and developmental delay, he went to handicap preschool ..., then was in the resource group for special needs kids from kindergarten through 2nd grade.... In 3rd grade, he was partially mainstreamed for some subjects.... By 4th, things were starting to slip.... Upon entering 5th grade, ... his whole world tanked....

At the next IEP meeting in January of 2003, I notified all present that I was planning to homeschool Michael next year....

Then came the final IEP in June.... In spite of [the school’s] reports that he was now two grade levels behind in most of his subjects (three grade levels behind in some), they all insisted that they were the ones best equipped to help Michael. I was told that he would have no socialization opportunities, that I didn’t have the training or skill to work with him, etc....

[After a year of homeschooling,] no one could believe he was the same kid. He was friendly, outgoing, helpful, and kind. [U]pon taking the IOWA Tests of Basic Skills again that April, [Michael] tested at his grade level for the first time in his life!

This year, Michael is now in 12th grade, has two 300 bowling rings and his driver’s license, and is doing great with his schoolwork. He is set to graduate next June, and is on a great path.

Homeschooling, and all that has gone with it, made the difference in his life.

I have never had to use HSLDA, but I’m glad they are there to watch our backs—every homeschooler should become a member, if they aren’t already. Thank you for your support, and I also thank my homeschool support group and the many patient and loving Christian families I have met through it.

—excerpted from a letter by Marylyn S. / Sparta, NJ

Dear Mr. Smith,

Thank you for your article “The Last Word” in the May/June 2009 issue of the Court Report.

I have been feeling discouraged about my youngest son, 14½ years old, and was tempted to think of having him attend public school. I know I don’t really want to do that but felt at my wits’ end, not knowing how to continue.

I was grateful for this passage: “1 Corinthians 15:58 does not say that we are to judge our success based upon the results. God has simply called us to be faithful in doing the work of the Lord. . . .”

Thanks for encouraging us to persevere.


Robin M., Homestead, FL

P.S. Richard is our sixth child. The others have been homeschooled, and by God’s grace, we will see them through graduation.

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