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Vol. XXV
No. 5

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College Battle Won without a Fight

Having completed his associate’s degree, Tim McCabe (name changed to protect privacy), the son of a Home School Legal Defense Association member family in Minnesota, wanted to continue his studies at a different college. However, despite having his associate’s degree in hand, Tim found that the colleges he contacted would only consider his application if he obtained a GED. The reason? He was homeschooled.

At one of these colleges, Tim discussed pursuing other options besides the GED. When he found there were no other options, he asked to speak to a higher authority at the school, who only said, “If that’s what the admissions office is telling you, then that is what is required.”

Tim then informed the college official that if this was the institution’s position, Tim would be contacting HSLDA. After a sudden silence, the school official informed Tim that the college would move his application through—without a GED.

— by Christopher J. Klicka