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Jessica Tucker
Courtesy of the family
Homeschool graduate Jessica Tucker.

Why would a St. Clair, Michigan, family send a graduation announcement to Home School Legal Defense Association?

In 2005, when Jessica Tucker was only 15, her family called HSLDA with a social services representative at their door. Attorney Scott Woodruff took the Tuckers’ call and learned from the caseworker that the family had been reported for “physical abuse,” but that social services had no facts upon which to base such a conclusion.

Woodruff refused to allow the caseworker to question the children. After viewing the children who were there and confirming they were fine, she left. A number of people who knew the Tuckers personally sent the caseworker letters affirming that there was no abuse in the home.

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Woodruff continued to assist the Tucker family until the case was closed for lack of evidence. The Tuckers’ home and their homeschool program were safe from a potentially traumatic and disruptive social services intrusion.

Mrs. Tucker later said, “This kind of investigation is one of a person’s greatest fears. I would never have had the courage to continue homeschooling if not for HSLDA. Thank you for being there so quickly.”

Jessica Tucker graduated from her family’s homeschool program—and simultaneously received her Associate of Science degree through dual enrollment in a community college—in 2008.

submitted by the Tucker family & Scott A. Woodruff