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by Cherise Ryan
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Thinking Globally

International homeschoolers are growing in number despite the fact that they often face frightening circumstances and dangers. To help these families, both legally and financially, Home School Legal Defense Association and the Home School Foundation are working with over 25 countries where homeschooling is emerging in large numbers.

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Astra K., who lives in a post-Soviet country, wrote us recently: “For the second year, the Lord has seen fit to bless us with being able to Christian home educate our two special needs (AD/HD and dyslexic) children in a post-Soviet nation that does not officially recognize home education as a valid form of education.”

She called HSF’s Special Needs Children’s Fund her “own personal miracle.”

“In spite of many postal attacks (threatening letters from the Ministry of Education) and even a 10-individual commission arriving at our home to ‘save the children’ from their ‘crazy mother,’ because of the funds we received from the Home School Foundation we were much better prepared with homeschooling equipment and therapies,” said Astra. “[The commission members] had not expected this and were unpleasantly surprised that they could not reprimand us for anything.”

In some countries, homeschoolers are continually winning legal battles and new doors are being opened. In the French legislature, for example, two amendments that would have essentially outlawed homeschooling were recently defeated. Yet, French homeschoolers are still carefully monitored and do not enjoy the same level of freedom as American homeschoolers.

How to help

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In Germany, the situation is much worse. HSLDA Staff Attorney Michael Donnelly works with many German homeschoolers, helping them through legal battles, harassment, and daily hardships.

“Homeschoolers in Germany are terribly persecuted,” he said. “These courageous souls who seek to educate their children at home face punitive fines of thousands of dollars. In some cases, their children have been removed from their home by youth welfare authorities. Some families have even fled Germany, leaving all they know behind them in order to protect the integrity of their family.”

“HSF contributions help these families fight back against a repressive government—Germany is the only civilized western nation that treats homeschoolers this way. HSF support is critical to the prospect of German homeschool freedom,” Donnelly continued.

Donnelly also travels internationally to encourage and help homeschoolers facing difficulties due to oppressive laws.

“On a recent trip to Germany, I spoke to hundreds of homeschoolers who daily face the uncertainty of whether they will be next on the list of persecuted homeschoolers,” he said. “They told me how much they appreciate the prayers and support of their fellow homeschoolers in America and how much they were encouraged to know that they are not fighting this battle alone.”

Thanks to you, and many other HSF supporters, these international homeschoolers are not fighting their battle alone. Your donations to HSF’s International Homeschooling Fund will be used to meet the homeschooling needs in the country you designate. After meeting the known homeschooling needs in this country, if there are remaining funds, this money will be used to meet homeschooling needs in other countries.

Every donation makes a difference, and every prayer gives new strength. Thank you for remembering the international homeschooling family.

Cherise Ryan is administrative assistant to the executive director of HSF.

From the Director

Chuck Hurst

I think I finally get it. How can one dollar be worth more than a million dollars? It’s simple. If the one dollar represents all you have and you give it to the Lord, the value of that dollar gift is increased exponentially when it is recorded in heaven.

This teaching from Mark 12 completely baffled the disciples who had watched as rich men put their wealth into the temple treasury and probably barely noticed a poor woman drop in her two coins. But Jesus revealed to them what only He could see—the rich men had given out of their abundance, but the woman who gave the two coins had given every penny she had to live on. She had given her all. And so, in the economy of heaven, her gift outweighed all those of the rich men!

That being true, we know that many families who are not rich in the eyes of this world give generously to the work of the Foundation, to help those less fortunate than themselves. We’ve even received tearful gifts from those to whom we have given a grant—they simply desired to give back part of what God had provided.

To all who give to this ministry, we say, “thank you!” Whether your gift is large or small, we appreciate your heart to give. More importantly, God is watching and He values even the smallest of gifts—sometimes more than anyone else will ever know.

—Chuck Hurst, Executive Director