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Homeschooling a Struggling Learner

After hundreds of hours of research, writing, and thoughtful graphic design, we are proud to unveil the latest addition to the Home School Legal Defense Association website: Homeschooling a Struggling Learner.

HSLDA Special Needs Coordinators Betty Statnick and Dianne Craft, our Communications Department, and our Web Department have partnered to produce this innovative approach to helping families homeschool students who learn differently.

Frankly, we all struggle with learning in one way or another, but most of us have learned how to compensate. In the case of struggling students who actually learn differently from the majority of children, the goal is to discover how they learn best, and then to motivate them as they learn. The heart of our new online resource is a series of tools that allow parents to do some analysis on their own.

Chuck Hurst

We begin by trying to help parents understand the learning process, so they in turn can understand why their children may not be responding to conventional teaching methods. Then, based on the latest brain research, we explain what experts call “the four learning gates” and offer checklists to help diagnose why a child’s particular “learning gate” isn’t functioning correctly.

Equally important, we are compiling tried-and-true resources, from techniques parents can implement on their own to programs, books, videos, and organizations offering insight into correcting and compensating for learning difficulties.

Our hope is that the new webpages will be a great aid to many homeschoolers—and minimize the amount of time and money they spend in search of information.

Despite the challenges of teaching a struggling learner, parents all across America are telling us it can be done. If you are one of those parents, please know that you don’t have to face the challenge alone. Not only does HSLDA fight for your right to homeschool your child who learns differently, but through this website, we hope to give you additional tools for teaching your child in the loving, nurturing environment of your home.

Help may be just a click away! Visit www.hslda.org/strugglinglearner.

P.S. This new section of our website is a work in progress. We will regularly update it as we continue to identify new information that is helpful for teaching struggling learners.