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HSLDA Ends 1984–85 School Year with Successes

Texas Cases

Kansas Case

Ohio Case

About 100 Contacts Resolved During 1984–85 School Year

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HSLDA Grows Rapidly Over Past Year

Chris Klicka Joins HSLDA Staff

HSLDA Board of Directors


President’s Corner

C O V E R   S T O R Y

HSLDA ends 1984–85 School Year with Successes

The Home School Legal Defense Association ended the 1984–85 school year with a number of successes, said Michael Farris, president and founder of HSLDA.

“Over the school year, we had 11 families go to trial, and at present, all but one have been resolved in favor of the homeschool families,” Farris said. “We expected the last family’s case to be reversed on appeal, so we’ll have victories in all 11 cases.”

Also, HSLDA attorneys have resolved approximately 100 contacts during the 1984–85 school year, in which school authorities contacted homeschool families, but the cases did not go to court. “HSLDA’s goal is to keep cases out of court,” Farris said. “We view it as a success that approximately 100 families have weathered contacts by school officials, and are still homeschooling.”

The 11 HSLDA families who went to trial during the 1984–85 school year lived in the following states: Texas—9; Kansas—1; Ohio—1.