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May / June 2003

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by Rhonda Maki, Membership Supervisor

Springtime . . . The buds on the dogwood trees begin to unfurl, the hyacinths smell heavenly, and we have how many more chapters in geography to cover, how many more science experiments to oversee?

If, in the springtime, a man's fancy turns to romance, perhaps it is equally true that a homeschooling parent's fancy turns to summer days when there are no composition papers to review, no math quizzes to grade, and perhaps a book of his or her own to leisurely read! At least, those were my thoughts back when I was a homeschooling mom.

Recently, I was sorting through a box of keepsakes and found Mother's Day cards that my children had made for me during our homeschooling years. It occurred to me that perhaps God arranged for Mother's Day and Father's Day to be celebrated at the very time in the homeschooling year when our energies begin to wane and we start to droop.

What an encouragement to see our children practicing the skills we taught them in "Homeschool Home Economics 101" by bringing us a special breakfast in bed. And the homemade cards (such as I found in that box) have a very special meaning to a homeschooling mom. After all, who taught them to spell their names and write in cursive? Who taught them how to draw a heart and that "xxoo" means "hugs and kisses?"

As your children serve you burnt toast wedges and eagerly hand you cards still sticky with glue and full of glitter this Mother's or Father's Day, look closely at their faces and remember once again why you are homeschooling. Be encouraged!