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JUNE 1996
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Home Schooling in the News

English Professor Impressed With Home Schoolers

"As an English professor at the university level, I've had positive experiences with home-schooled students. So impressed was I by the increasing numbers of home-schooled students that I conducted a study to see how these students compared in their academic preparation to students from conventional schools. After comparing scores on ACT tests and various measures from a required freshman English course, I concluded that home-schooled students were just as capable as conventionally educated students of doing well in college. In fact, their scores were generally higher." Rhonda Galloway, letter-to-the-editor in the Oklahoma City Oklahoman, February 25, 1996.

Concerns Unfounded

"Concerns that untrained parents will ruin their children's education appear unfounded. Studies show home-schoolers outperform their public school peers on standardized tests. In Oregon, 70 percent of home-schoolers tested last year scored above the national median." Maya Suryaraman, Knight-Ridder News Service, March 3, 1996.

A Better Way To Learn

"Home-it's the one-room schoolhouse of the 90s that may offer a model for education in the next century. Home-a place where families are showing a different way to teach, a better way to learn. Home schooling is no longer an experiment. For nearly one million students and their families, it's now a mainstream alternative to public school; a cheaper alternative to private school. It's an unusual program; one education experts say is a model for the future, where learning moves out of the classroom to computers or into the community." Deborah Amos, ABC Nightly News, March 27, 1996.


We reported the wrong phone number for readers to use when ordering Mary Casanova's Moose Tracks, featured in the last issue. The correct number is 800-759-0190. Moose Tracks is also available in most bookstores.