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This year's Art Contest is now closed.

Next year's contest will open December 1, 2016, and themes and guidelines will be available online in late fall.

2016 Winners

It is with great pleasure that we announce the results of our 13th annual Art Contest. Congratulations to the winners, finalists, and all the participants! You deserve to be proud of the work you submitted and honored for the excellence your work demonstrates for homeschooling.

Category 1 (ages 7-10)
Theme: Through the eyes of David or Mary, mother of Jesus

Category 2 (ages 11-14)
Theme: Through the eyes of Elijah or Ruth

Category 3 (ages 15-19)
Theme: Through the eyes of Moses or Esther

Students were invited to bring to life various moments in biblical history as experienced by the characters above. From Elijah's fiery horses to King Xerxes' throne room, a vast array of differing illustrations delighted the judges as homeschoolers around the country embraced this year's unique and challenging theme. The original artwork is currently on display at the HSLDA office in Purcellville, Virginia, to the great satisfaction of all visitors and staff.



“Mary's Visit with Angel Gabriel” by Ava Gray
1st Place
“Mary's Visit with Angel Gabriel”
Ava Gray

“Courage in the Face of Your Adversary” by Antonio Godoy
2nd Place
“Courage in the Face of Your Adversary”
Antonio Godoy

“David's Sheep” by Zachary Wang
3rd Place
“David's Sheep”
Zachary Wang

“Jesus' Face” by Gemma Campbell
Honorable Mention
“Jesus' Face”
Gemma Campbell

“Bethlehem Starry Night” by Adeline Shaw
Honorable Mention
“Bethlehem Starry Night”
Adeline Shaw


“The Power of God”
Madison Brackeu

“You Shall Call His Name Jesus”
Lindsey Brown

“No Crying He Makes”
Timon Emch

Lily Newell

“The Birth of Jesus”
Leticia Rose

“Good News”
Piper Sams

“Jesus' Birth”
Zoe Sams

“Jonathan Signals David, 1 Samuel 20”
Levi Warren



“The Lord Will Provide” by Silas Motyka
1st Place
“The Lord Will Provide”
Silas Motyka

“God Provides for Elijah” by Abigale Bell
2nd Place
“God Provides for Elijah”
Abigale Bell

“The Wedding of Ruth” by Molly Wishard
3rd Place
“The Wedding of Ruth”
Molly Wishard

“The Widow of Zarepath, 1 Kings 12:8-16” by Hannah Tjia
Honorable Mention
“The Widow of Zarepath, 1 Kings 12:8-16”
Hannah Tjia

“Whirl-Wind of Fire” by Caroline Crawford
Honorable Mention
“Whirl-Wind of Fire”
Caroline Crawford


“Trust and Providence”
Andrew Berry

“Chariot of Fire”
Matthew Cerha

“Ruth's First View of Bethlehem”
Maya Collins

“Baal is Defeated”
Gabriel Drabek

“Ruth Cleaning”
James Hoppe

“Passing the Mantle”
Sam Phibbs

“Midnight Walk to the Threshing Floor”
Ella Shaw

“Meeting in the Gleaming”
Annika Taylor

 “Horses of Fire”
Hannah Tu

Esther Woelfel



“The Throneroom” by Leah Palmer
1st Place
 “The Throneroom”
Leah Palmer

“Indeed who knows, you may have been created for such a time as this” by Sabine Miller
2nd Place
“Indeed who knows, you may have been created for such a time as this”
Sabine Miller

“Mordecai” by Abigail Orman
3rd Place
Abigail Orman

“Holy Ground; by Rachael Eben
Honorable Mention
“Holy Ground”
Rachael Eben

“Favored in His Sight” by Grace Westling
Honorable Mention
“Favored in His Sight”
Grace Westling


“Arise and Eat”
Adam Boggs

“I AM Has Sent Me to You”
Hannah Bolick

“Esther's Preparation”
Aleah DenBoer

“Glimpse of Paradise”
Melanie Farhat

“The Battle Against the Amalekites”
Amadeus Gaby

“Esther Before the King– Antonio Canova”
Raven Henriquez

Hailey Keeline

“Moses' Faith”
Sarah Kunkel

“The Princess”
Grace Martin

Isabella Moretti

“If I Perish, I Perish”
Rene Pistella

Magdalena Youmans