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Poetry Contest? You Can! You Can!

Earlier this year, I shared a few stories about homeschooling students with special needs who have done quite well in past HSLDA Contests.

Today, I am pleased to introduce you to Beth Lossing. Beth is mom to Sophie, Mia and Jonathan. As you will discover, all three of these precious children have special needs. She has written about how they approached participating in the HSLDA poetry contest.

The Story Behind My Morning Dream by Jenny Rose Arsenault

Homeschooling a child with special needs can be challenging. Things that come easily for other kids require a tremendous amount of effort and energy for the struggling learner. It can be frustrating for parents and children when those areas that come ‘more easily’ to them aren’t always recognized in terms of academics.

Taking part in HSLDA’s contests allows students to focus on areas that are easier for them and that bring much joy.

Bright Spots - 6-Year-Old Virginia Girl, Too Smart and Must Be Homeschooled

The youngest person ever to qualify for the National Spelling Bee jumped and splashed around in a stream hunting for rocks, tadpoles, and all manner of slimy things.

 With a look of impish delight, she came charging up the bank towards her mother.

"Hold on to that basalt," Lori Anne Madison said to her mother in her best bossy 6-year-old's voice, "and do not drop it."

Bright Spots - GenJ Student's Generous Donation

Sophie Lohrman’s birthday was fast approaching. But instead of a typical birthday party of balloons, cake and confetti, Sophie had something different in mind. 

   Only a few weeks before, Sophie had been in her room listening to a radio program called Adventures in Odyssey broadcasted by Focus on the Family. While listening to the program, Sophie heard about a fundraiser called rock-a-thon. This piqued her interest. Why not do a rock-a-thon for my eleventh birthday party? 

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