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Sep 7, 2012

Who's The New Teacher In Town?

MaryAnn Gaver

     We're the new teachers in town! Homeschooling mothers. Real mothers. Regular moms.  Out to fulfill the calling to homeschool. Even if you're brand new to homeschooling, don't worry about what kind of teacher you'll be; you've been homeschooling since day one of being a mom! Teaching at home is simply a natural extension of motherhood

      I'm always surprised when I meet moms at the grocery store or in the neighborhood who, when talking about education, say, "Oh... I could never homeschool. My kids don't listen to me." Or they might say, "I was horrible at science (or whatever subject) so I couldn't possibly teach my own kids." Some moms are afraid to homeschool thinking that the child will become a social misfit or will miss out on things. Fallacy, fallacy, fallacy!  

     Regarding kids not listening or obeying their moms: What better way to work on key character traits than to have children trained daily at home? Should we assume that sending a child off to school for six hours will miraculously make him or her listen and obey mom better when they get off the bus?   

      Regarding moms feeling inept at various subjects: The success of homeschooling doesn't hinge on the mother's educational background. We don't need to have a PhD to be successful as teachers! We don't need to be "specialists" either.   

      I'd like to introduce you to my neighbor and close friend Pam who started homeschooling last year. Petite, spunky, smart -- A wonderful mom who loves her family and felt that God was calling her to homeschool. Even though she's college educated, she had a few doubts about her teaching ability in math. Understandably so. She grew up in the 70's when the schools were experimenting with "open" classrooms - as in no walls! Obviously, this led to acoustic and learning challenges for the students. Classrooms were called "pods". As in pea pods. C'mon! It was noisy and the kids (or test subjects) couldn't concentrate. Hmmm.... 

     While doing math problems, the kids were allowed and even encouraged to look in the back of the book for answers in case they got stuck! Of course, that led to Pam getting a little behind (no wonder!)  -- and as an adult she felt  somewhat unsure about teaching her kids math. Well, great news! Not only (with a little help from Bob Jones Univ. Press) is she doing fine with teaching math, but is an absolutely outstanding teacher all around! Her kids are thriving in homeschooling. Pam (with God's help) definitely overcame her feelings of inadequacy in teaching.  

     Regarding the possibility of producing social misfits: It's proven that homeschoolers have good social skills. In many cases, I think their social skills are better than their non-homeschooling peers. 

     The bottom line is: We are teachers. We're teaching our kids right now! I'm confident that you'll be an excellent teacher this year. Here's why: Who (besides God and your husband, of course) loves your child/children more than you? The obvious answer is that we love our children the most, therefore we have their best interests in mind, making us the most suited for the job of teaching. 

     Scripture shows the natural role that mothers have in teaching. Consider the following verse:

 "She opens her mouth in wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue."
-Proverbs 31:26

Stay faithful, and with God's help keep being the best mom you can be!