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Jul 3, 2014

We Want To Hear From You! - NEW Student Photo ID Card

Charity Klicka

Because we want to provide our members with the best service possible, HSLDA would like your feedback about a newly revised product we’d like to offer you!



We have a new student photo ID card in the works which we believe is sturdier and more attractive.

Do you agree?

The new ID card format would be the exact same as our current Student ID cards, but would be the size and have the durability of a government-issued photo ID, making it more official looking.


The front of the Student Photo ID card provides the student's picture, name, date of birth, phone number, address, and HSLDA membership number. The current school year (running from July 1 through June 30) is also listed. The date being printed on the Student Photo ID's currently is 2014-2015.

The back of the card reads, This student is homeschooled under state law. (Note: Cards for students in Illinois or Kansas read, This student is homeschooled under private school law.) The name and phone number(s) of the student's parent(s)/guardian(s) and HSLDA's contact information are also provided.

For more details on the card format, click here.


This professional, versatile Student Photo ID makes it easy for homeschool students to provide proof of their student status! It can be shown to government officials who request student identification. (Families living in states with daytime curfew laws may find this Student Photo ID particularly helpful.) It can also be used to obtain student discounts at many movie theaters, retail stores, and restaurants. Just ask the retailer—you'll be surprised how much money your student can save!

We think this new card will be the best-dressed thing in your student’s wallet! We welcome your feedback and questions.