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Feb 6, 2014

Treasure Trove of High School Help and Resources

Diane Kummer

















As a parent teaching your teen at home, at times you may become overwhelmed by the many different aspects of high school you must stay on top of.  From academics, to testing, to keeping on track and knowing what comes next, you may need a systematic and organized approach to finding information.  Let me highlight the basics and provide you with a “one stop shop” to find key facts and resources during the high school years.

A brief tour of the high school section of HSLDA’s website will give you a starting place to search out the information you need.


Need help finding curriculum choices in 40 different subject areas?

Would you like to explore some free resources to supplement courses you are teaching?

Trying to come up with options for your teen’s course electives?

Wishing you had a Guide for Homeschooling through High School?

 Samples of a:

            - Course description

            - Transcript

            - Extracurricular Activities sheet

What tests should you consider for your teen?

Do you have questions about homeschool diplomas?

Beyond Academics

Beyond academics, what kinds of activities can my teens participate in?

Preparing teens for post-high school plans

Resources for those entering the workforce

Resources for those enlisting in the military

Resources for those applying to college

Free High School Email Newsletter

Each month, Becky Cooke and I write a free newsletter on a topic of interest for those teaching high school at home.  Many of the ideas for topics come from the questions our members ask us.  Subscribe to the newsletter and view the archive at this link.  You’ll receive encouragement, tips, and ideas for teaching high school at home snet directly to your email box on the first Thursday of each month.

I’ve merely touched the surface of the wealth of information on the HSLDA high school website.  But I hope the above links whet your appetite to uncover more information whenever you need it.

HSLDA members may feel free to contact Becky Cooke or me at 540-338-5600 or high school@hslda.org .  We are here to help you!