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May 1, 2014

Today Is The National Day of Prayer

MaryAnn Gaver

Have you ever considered that prayer is one of the most beautiful blessings of homeschooling? I can't think of anything more precious than hearing our own children talk to God in prayer―to have the opportunity to pray throughout the day about all the issues of life, however big or small―well, that is a wonderful thing...

Today, we set aside time to pray for our nation, to reflect and intercede on behalf of our leaders, and to cry out to God for His mercy on America. Back in 1952, President Truman declared an annual national day of prayer, and since then, our nation has held the 1st Thursday of May as the National Day of Prayer.  

When we teach at home, we have the opportunity to teach our kids to pray, or should I say show them how to pray? They hear us give God praise, thanksgiving and adoration, then follow suit. They hear us bring our burdens and petitions, and learn to do likewise. They see and hear us ask for forgiveness, and do the same. Yes, they see us mess up quite a bit while we spend so much of the day together! But, the neat thing is that our children really get to see the authenticity (or lack thereof) of our faith. Our kids don't miss a beat. They can spot hypocrisy from a mile away! I'll never forget (I hate to admit this!) gritting my teeth over a math lesson gone bad, then quickly shifting gears to take a brief phone call from a neighbor in my sweetest, most pleasant voice. I didn't think anything of it. Well, my seven-year-old twins noticed, and asked why I was being so "not-nice" to them, but so "nice" to the neighbor! That's what I'm talking about...you know what I mean! We've all been there.

My encouragement today is not only to pray for our nation, but to look at all the opportunities each day to pray with our kids. We truly have a great privilege in teaching our kids what prayer is all about. And that's a beautiful thing!