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May 1, 2013

Ten Things I Discovered About Motherhood

MaryAnn Gaver

Here are 10 things I discovered as I lived and learned as a teacher of little boys:

Pulled from my journal entries over the years...

1.  After going to the park, I must always check my jeans for little rocks in the pockets. Otherwise, they make a heck of lot of noise tumbling around in the washer.

2.  Spilt milk, bruised knees -- they're okay with me. I'm the queen of spills. I'm quite familiar with messes and band-aids.

3.  I can play Davy Crockett, wear the coon-skin cap, run around the park, and put the twins down for a nap.

4.  Kids splashing in the puddles and playing in the dirt?  What's a washing machine for anyway?

5.  I can pitch for three-man baseball (with a tennis ball), push two four-year-olds in tandem on the swings while telling stories of  brave knights, then come inside to assemble turkey sandwiches while fixing a Lego plane.

6.  I'm good at reminders such as, "Say 'please' and 'thank-you' and be polite.  Eat your broccoli, drink your milk, and comb your hair.  Put your toys away, and be nice."

7.  Cry aloud and laugh at the same time?  I can do that. Don't ask me how.

8.  Before putting on my shoes, I need to make sure that there aren't any of those green plastic army men in there. They hurt!

9.  I can grade math problems with my left hand, hold the phone with my right hand, and pick up stray towels on the bathroom floor with my toes.  But, my cartwheels on the lawn aren't so good anymore.

10.  The boys hand me the nicest yellow daffodil and dandelion bouquets. They're beautiful! 

Journal entry, Spring 1999

Dear Lord, You called me to manage this home, help my husband and love my children.  Please strengthen me today!  I want to love You first, serve Jay wholeheartedly, and be a good mother to my two little boys. 

The years will fly.  Enjoy your kids today. Tell them (and show them) how much you love them!