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Nov 18, 2013

The Temperature of Your Home (and Heart!)

Diane Kummer

Have you ever given thought to the temperature of your home? Not the air temperature controlled by your thermostat, but the “temperature” generated by your heart attitude. Your teens grow best in temperatures set to the warmth of Christ’s love! Here are some tips as you set your heart and home to God-glorifying temperatures.

1.  Pour on the praise and encouragement! Your teen will thrive when you take time to cheer him on, applaud even insignificant accomplishments, and give accolades when he looks to the interests of others. There may be many times throughout the day when you may need to correct your teen – but never do so before asking the Holy Spirit for discernment and wisdom. You may find in some instances it’s best to quietly pray and ask the Holy Spirit to do a work in your teen’s heart first. Let encouragement outweigh correction, and watch your teen blossom.

2. Make time for fun times! Your home, family, and church responsibilities may be crowding out times to just enjoy your teen’s company. Take a walk together, unexpectedly treat her to a favorite snack, watch a comedy, or ask “What would you enjoy doing with me today?” 

3.  Be a ready listener! When was the last time you enjoyed uninterrupted time listening to your teen? Perhaps you’ll need to carve out time late at night when most teens love to chat (!), but it will be worth several hours of lost sleep to engage your teen and discover his dreams, aspirations, and fears.

4.  Resolve conflict quickly instead of allowing it to brew! It’s true that little foxes spoil the vines.  Be responsive to the Holy Spirit’s nudges if there are unresolved issues between you and your teen. The Lord is eager to provide you wisdom and grace to work out areas that have become thorns in your relationship with your teen. Trust the Lord to help you communicate to your teen your desire to walk in peace with him.

I regularly need to check the thermostat in my heart to be sure I haven’t allowed a bad attitude or unresolved item to negatively affect my interactions with those both in and outside of my home.  The Lord is faithful to extend to each of us His help, hope, and grace to keep our “temperatures” set in the godly zone.

In need of His daily grace,