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Oct 24, 2013

Technology for Teens Checklist

Diane Kummer

As your teens progress through the high school years, you’ll want them to stay on top of technology.  A plan of action to systematically teach various skills will prepare your teens for the workforce, college, or other post-high school plans.

Good keyboarding skills allow your teens to speed up the process when writing compositions.  Proficiency in computer applications such as Word, powerpoint, excel, and others will help your teens organize and present data for presentations. Free tutorials are widely available.

Give your teens practice using the internet for research. Helpful search tips can be found on the UC Berkeley website.  The University of Maryland provides a checklist to use in evaluating websites, books, and periodicals . Another website (produced by the Springfield Township High School Virtual Library) provides many online activities that promote information literacy including how to evaluate an author  , practice in ranking sources, and the differences between summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting.

As a place to begin, use this handy checklist of skills and resources to plan fun (but beneficial!) projects for your teen.