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Apr 1, 2013

Teach Positive Social Skills This Spring

MaryAnn Gaver

Little ones recite their ABC's, elementary-aged children review the state's capitals, teenagers recall the best moments of the week...

I believe that one of the greatest places to teach our children is at the family table.  Positive interaction, conversation, the exchange of ideas -- it all happens here!

So as you teach various subjects today, begin to enlist help with tonight's meal. Let all the kids get involved.  You know that I'm big on letting our kids test their culinary wings -- even the younger ones! 

idevices and phones --- off! 

After dinner, encourage everyone to linger. Sit. Relax. Catch up.  Talk about the lessons learned today -- what you're studying, what's happening around us...

If, for example, your kids are learning Bible verses, multiplication tables, or state capitals, review them after eating.  I encourage you to keep it light and very encouraging.  Small amounts of praise go a long way with kids.  Encourage, encourage, encourage!

 "Wow, you're coming right along, and definitely improving!," is a great phrase even when kids stumble a bit. Let your kids hear you praise their efforts. "Nice job. Well said."

 Challenge your older ones with in-depth conversation and Scripture memory, or a light-hearted riddle -- something fun and thought-provoking.  Here are two things* to figure out:

- What word in the English language has three consecutive double letters?

- The more you have of it, the less you see.

I recommend that we take advantage of one of the most powerful places on earth -- the family table!

God bless you!  With God's help, keep being a great mom. 



* Answers to follow in the next blog! See you tomorrow!