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Apr 2, 2013

Teach Positive Social Skill This Spring, Part II

MaryAnn Gaver

Yesterday we talked about the family table, and how it's a great place for kid's to learn social skills.  Where else can you find such an accepting, loving and warm place?  Also, I stated that one of the most powerful places on earth is the family table, so let's look at that...

The fact that the table is such an essential part of family life isn't  because it's the place that we highlight the day's lessons, or because our kids learn new culinary skills.  And it's not because we teach them to be good scholars or effective communicators, although those things are good.

The real secret is that the table is where we impart our faith. And what could be more positive than teaching love, forgiveness and mercy? 

And, the best part is that the government's not invited to dinner tonight, so they can't control what we talk about! 

Again, we remind ourselves of William Ross Wallace's statement ---

"The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world."

Hmm... take some time to reflect on that.

True -- eating together has many positive benefits. I've talked about these benefits in many previous blogs. Obviously, nutrition is a big reason. But the fact that we are free to talk about the Scriptures, mention Jesus' name and build up our kids' faith -- that's the most wonderful thing about the family table!

Yes, the table is where the kids learn manners, how to converse, and how to serve others. But the fact that we live out our faith and express our views at dinner -- that's a beautiful thing.

So, the table is a powerful place, and a great place to teach positive social skills.

...Moving on... --- answers to yesterday's questions:

- bookkeeper

- darkness

Have an excellent day.  Enjoy your family.