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Jul 23, 2014

A Summer's Day: 7 Ideas For Fun

MaryAnn Gaver

The heat waves rise up from the street, the sun blazes hotter than ever, and the kids look up at you after breakfast wondering what's in store for the day. Well, don't let the heat get you down! Revive your spirit of adventure and think of some fun activities that are free (or practically free) to enjoy while you take a break from school.

       1. Outdoor Art - Sidewalks provide an excellent canvas for little artists. Create a theme, and let everyone join in to make a colorful scene with a bucket of sidewalk chalk. A beach scenario might include multi-colored umbrellas, the dark blue ocean, and people playing on the seashore. If your kids like to paint, let them create a few masterpieces outside on an easel. Or try tic-tac-toe or a game hopscotch for a change of pace.

       2. Sprinklers - It's refreshing and fun for kids to run through the sprinkler on a hot day. Plus, it just doesn't feel like summer without a little water to splash!

       3. Ice-cold Ice Cream - Homemade ice cream is the absolute best, but if you don't have an ice-cream maker, consider creating your own indulgent treats with additions like strawberries, blueberries, or colorful sprinkles. Or create a sundae bar with all kinds of fixings for extra fun. If ice cream isn't your thing, try snow cones or frozen yogurt for a refreshing treat.

       4. A Morning In The Park - Before temperatures soar, visit your local park to let your kids swing, climb, and run around for some morning exercise. Everyone will benefit from some good physical activity to begin the day. 

       5Blueberry Picking or Shopping At The Farmer's Market - What better way to encourage kids to eat fruits and vegetables than letting them pick their own? Encourage kids to savor the taste of certain fruits and tout the benefits of eating well. Consider letting the kids pitch in to make a special dessert (such as blueberry pie) for tonight's dinner.

       6. Star Gazing - What could be better than sitting under the stars together as a family? Make a whole night of camping outside in a tent right in your own backyard, or simply gather the lawn chairs together to star gaze on a clear night and to take in the lovely sounds of summer.

       7Game Day - When the weather doesn't cooperate, consider working on interesting puzzles or board games together for some indoor fun. For an excellent way to spend a rainy afternoon, snuggle on the couch to read, or make an elaborate LEGO village with the kids.

Whether you get out to enjoy a bike ride, go to the park, or stay home to read, do art, or play games I encourage you to continue looking at creative ways to enjoy the days of summer with your young children. Simple nature hikes, visits to the park, or even shopping together provide great opportunities to stay active and to keep learning this summer. 

Encourage your kids to recognize the beautiful sensory details of the season in all the sights, smells, sounds and tastes of summer! Have fun.

Enjoy your summer day!