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Aug 30, 2012

Studying the Scriptures

Becky Cooke


  As a child, I loved reading and listening to Bible stories. This led to memorizing Scripture. I did not realize that children memorize the easiest when young until my own children came along. I took the opportunity to continue memorizing verses with my children as we studied the Bible. These are the verses the Lord often has brought back to my mind and heart over the years to encourage and speak to me.

   Many parents are interested in instilling God’s Word into the hearts and minds of their children and teens. With the beginning of a new school year, we’ve received phone calls on how to include Bible in the high school program. Many times the question will be, “What did you do for Bible?” The question really should be, “What does the Lord want you to teach about Him this year?”

   It may be learning how to study the Bible using a course or simply by doing observation, interpretation, and application of what you read together. It may be studying men or women of the Bible, doing a survey of the Old or New Testament, or maybe a character study. Studying how the Bible came to us can be interesting and inspiring.

   There are many resources for your choosing including a number of options listed on our HSLDA high school website. If you are using an integrated curriculum, Bible is often included along with history and literature. You the parent can easily design a course that may be used as a multi-level course so you can study together as a family.

   Whatever direction the Lord leads your family, consider including Scripture memory. Some families find it easier to memorize large portions of Scripture, such as chapters, rather than a verse here and there. Either way, you are fulfilling the admonition to hide the Word in the hearts of your family (Psalm 119:11). In our home, we enjoyed adding the learning and singing of hymns, reading missionary stories, and keeping a prayer journal for missionaries we support as well as our own requests.

   This year, why not be intentional in the midst of busy schedules to carve out time to come together around God’s Word! Your children will remember it all their lives.

-Becky Cooke