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Mar 18, 2013

Spring's Coming! Two Great Ideas For March

MaryAnn Gaver

Do your thoughts drift as you look outside? Well, chances are -- our kids feel the same way, making it a little bit harder to concentrate. 

I'm not suggesting that you abandon today's lessons -- just that you build in a small stretch of time to go outside for some fresh air. You'll love these two fun activities...

Fly paper airplanes...

I used a little book, The Fantastic Paper Airplane Book by Willowisp Press -- one of those slim, old books that I picked up at our state's curriculum fair, which showed us exactly how to create and fold paper planes. It was a fun thing to do because at the same time, we talked about historic airplanes.

Next idea: Fly a kite...

Of course, March is for kite flying! And who needs a book for that?  

Venture outside today for some fresh air, sunshine and high-flying fun. Kids love to twirl around on windy days! 

God bless you.  Enjoy your family!