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Apr 22, 2013


MaryAnn Gaver

I positioned myself between and behind each swing that sunny morning almost fourteen years ago.  That way, I could alternate pushing each four-year-old.  My mind wandered as I reflected on some of the things I wanted to accomplish that day... 

   The sound of those old swings at Baker Park lulled me into a thoughtful state.  Creeeeeeek... I gave a little push with my right hand.  Creeeeeeek... my left hand offered a gentle shove to the other twin's back.  I reviewed my grocery list and today's errands. 

   ....As she approached, I noticed that she was wearing a lovely black necklace and a bright blue outfit with a splash of brilliant white around her waist.  Amid the squeaky swing set, I heard her voice whisper a song of soft notes. A lovely mother blue jay.


     Let us learn like a bird for a moment to take

Sweet rest on a branch that is ready to break;

She feels the branch tremble,

yet gaily she sings.

What is it to her?

She has wings, she has wings!




    We had a splendid time at the park that day, and I learned a few things:

  • The park is a wonderful place to go in the spring.  Surprises await you.
  • Kids love to swing.  It's so freeing. 
  • To push your kids on a swing set ranks up there with rocking your babies to sleep and reading bed-time stories.  It's one of the simple pleasures of motherhood.
  • Just as God gave the bird her voice and her wings, He gives us our voices and arms to care for our children and to do His will.


   Keep teaching!  Be there for your kids. Swing on the swings when the weather's nice, splash in a few puddles in your bare feet after it rains, and play with your children when they're young.  When they're older -- they'll remember all the laughs, smiles, and spontaneity.