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Jan 23, 2014


Diane Kummer

As homeschool parents, are you looking for ways to creatively provide your teens with hands-on activities and real life experiences that bring their textbook learning to life?  If your teen has an interest in writing, public policy, or website work, Spendopedia may be a resource avenue to explore.

According to its website, Spendopedia is a Wikipedia-like web-based tool that focuses on questionable spending by the federal government. It has posted more than 100 articles tracking over $187 billion in federal government spending.  Similar to Wikipedia, articles on Spendopedia are sourced and fact-based. Anyone may establish an account in order to add content.

Families looking for educational information about the federal government for their civics or government courses may find Spendopedia to be a great source.  Taking it to another level, you may also want to consider having your teens contribute content to Spendopedia as writers/editors while having the opportunity to learn useful skills about writing and formatting content for the web.  Adding new articles provides a way for your teens to benefit from hands-on experience in website work, to provide opportunities for research, and to think through the ramifications of public policy decisions.  Your teen’s addition to the site of an article about a questionable spending program may result in educating thousands of people!

Check it out and ignite a new passion in your teen as he makes a difference by educating others and being better informed as a citizen in the area of federal spending.

Photo Credit: Steve Wampler Photography via Compfight cc