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Apr 17, 2013

Real Tweets: 5 Great Reasons To Study Birds This Spring

MaryAnn Gaver

     "I'd love to see a Baltimore Oriole," I said last April.  "I mean the bird -- not the baseball players at the stadium!" 

     ...Often at lunch time, we would look out the back sliding glass window at the many birds and hope to see that notorious flash of orange and black.  All spring, we hoped to see an oriole... 

      I'm especially fascinated with mother birds.  Although they exhibit such warm care and concern for their young, they can be positively fierce when they defend their nests.  Hmmm... human mothers are often like that, too!

     Now my house is empty with the twins being away at college, but I still love to look outside and marvel at the birds each spring -- especially the mothers.

    I remember all the perfect nests that were built in our own back yard, and how hard it was to contain our feisty bird dog (Bandy, the black and white pointer/ English Setter) when baby birds took their first flight.   The boys did everything possible to keep Bandy from those fledglings.

         Here are five great reasons to study birds:


1.  They're attractive.


2.  They make beautiful music.


3.  They show us how God cares for every little creature.


4.  They build marvelous works of art -- nests. 


5.  They fly!  What could be more exciting than that?


         And just in case you're thinking that studying birds is for the little kids, consider challenging your elementary students with an in-depth look at various bird species -- their distinctive plumage, and things like wintering and migration. 

       Middle schoolers might find it interesting to look into the varieties of birds that are found in your particular area of the United States or to delve into a study of rare birds. 

       One summer, we looked out back and saw a beautiful Blue Heron perched in our maple tree.  I remember thinking, "Why would we have a Blue Heron here?"  Of course, then we realized that it was because of our little koi pond, and due to the ongoing drought, our colorful fish would be good pickings.   It was wonderful to watch that bird take flight!

       Well, we never spotted a Baltimore Oriole in our back yard at lunch time, but it was always delightful to see birds out in the yard every spring.  Plus, it was great to eat lunch together!

      Wishing you a wonderful spring ---   



"We were lucky enough to grow up in an environment where there was always much encouragement to children to pursue intellectual interests; to investigate whatever aroused curiosity."   ---- ORVILLE WRIGHT