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Feb 24, 2014

Reading Lists for Teens, Take Two!

Diane Kummer

Looking for book suggestions to keep your teen reading?

Whether you have a teen who is an avid reader or one who is often reluctant to pick up a book, you are probably looking for noteworthy book suggestions to keep your teen reading!

Some time ago, I provided ideas for reading lists for teens. I provided four links to great book lists, as well as four reference books with extensive reading lists. Since then, I’ve located more great resources for parents to use as they compile a list of reading material for their teens.

>> For those who would like a more classical learning list, try the Classical Christian Education Support Loop’s 1000 Good Books List.

>> You may want to couple ^this list with Crossway’s Christian Guides to the Classics to help your teens more fully enjoy and analyze the selections you choose.

>> The Great Books list from St. John’s College includes selections available for a teen through adult level.

As with any reading list, I want to stress the necessity of taking your personal convictions into consideration―as well as your teen’s maturity level―prior to making a decision regarding what books your teen will read.