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Feb 6, 2013

Publishing Students’ Works

Becky Cooke

Recently, a New York Times article, “An Invitation to High School Seniors to Write about Finance,”  was sent to me, detailing an opportunity for teens to publish their essays on finance in the newspaper. It may be a worthwhile venture since homeschoolers can note such an accomplishment on their resumes or extracurricular page of school applications.

In addition to the above invitation, there are other sources for publishing your students’ works. On the HSLDA high school website, we have a list of magazines that often include articles from young people and tips by authors for budding novelists.

Seeing their works in print is exciting and encouraging for your teens. A word of advice– your teens may need to develop persistence if their articles or books are not accepted by the first publisher they contact. Also, there is a certain amount of “tough skin” that needs to be developed along with a belief in their abilities to keep from becoming downcast.

Just yesterday I was reading a quote from Matthew Henry, Bible commentator, on Proverbs 3:27: "Wherever the Providence of God casts us, we should desire and endeavor to be useful; and, when we cannot do the good we would, we must be ready to do the good we can. And he that is faithful in a little shall be entrusted with more." Chuck Swindoll in his book, Wisdom for the Way, applied it this way: “You were going to write a best-selling book, but the opportunities just haven't come along. Are you willing to write for your church [or homeschool] newsletter?” (words in brackets added)

Looking forward to hearing of your teens’ experiences. Tell me about them!