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Mar 18, 2013

The Pronunciation Project

MaryAnn Gaver

"Say again, please,"  I bemoaned. "Either you're mumbling, or I have a major hearing problem!" 

After much debate, we surmised that it could be a little of both. Nonetheless, all through our homeschooling years, I reminded the boys that it was crucial to pronounce words clearly and to articulate the consonants whether speaking or reading aloud.  

While we teach our kids, I think we need to emphasize the importance of our voices and how to use them effectively for communication. So, whether your children read beautiful passages from the Bible, recite poetry, or tell stories in front of the family, I suggest that you give them plenty of opportunities to build their confidence in speaking.

Find a tongue-twister, and work on diction.  Here's a good one for elementary kids:

The Flea and the Fly

A flea and a fly got caught in a flue.

Said the fly, "Let us flee."

Said the flea, "Let us fly."

So together they flew through a flaw in the flue.

(Author Unknown)

And here's a good one for the older kids -- a portion of a poem taken from Gilbert and Sullivan's 1885 opera, The Mikado:

To sit in solemn silence in a dull dark dock,

In a pestilential prison with a life long lock,

Awaiting the sensation of a short sharp shock,

From a cheap and chippy chopper on a big black block

or another one:

A box of biscuits,

A box of mixed biscuits

And a biscuit mixer

     Say that  tonight at dinner!

     Enjoy the day.  God bless you as you teach.