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Mar 12, 2014

Preparing Your Teen for College and Job Interviews

Diane Kummer

As your teens progress through the high school years, it’s helpful for them to develop good interview skills. Colleges and employers may use an interview as part of the application process for securing admission or employment. How can you best prepare your teens so that they interview with confidence and poise?

Although it is hard to predict what an individual interviewer may ask your teen in his college or job interview, here are some links that provide good advice as to the questions he/she may be asked.


College Resources

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       >> Practice These 20 Questions Before You Interview for College



       >> 10 Tips to Boost Your Interview Skills

       >> 100 Potential Interview Questions


Check out these interview mistakes to avoid:

      >> 10 College Interview Mistakes: Make Sure the Impression You Make is a Good One

      >> Can You Answer These 13 College Interview Questions?

      >> The College Interview (this link has great reminders)


Remember that a college or employer is interested in determining if your teen will be a good fit for the school or job. Your teen should do his homework and know enough about the school or company to ask intelligent questions and to provide the interviewer with an idea of the talents/abilities he can contribute.

Encourage your teen to be natural! Don’t over coach, but you may want to condense the info above to share important tips with your teen in preparation for his interview. Then pray with your teen and remind him/her to leave the outcome of the interview in the Lord’s hands!