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May 10, 2013

Our Mothers Told Us So

MaryAnn Gaver

Have you ever said something to your kids and thought, "I sound just like my mom." 

    "Say something nice, or nothing at all," or "Please get those elbows off the table," I reminded the boys over and over again.  Countless reminders.  We've all been there...

       I'm sure that all of us occasionally find ourselves repeating those tried-and-true phrases that are forever etched in our minds because they were so often repeated by our own mothers.

    In many ways, we're the people we are today because of our mothers.  It's hard to describe a mother's influence and impact on her children's lives --- not just in childhood but throughout adulthood, too.   

And we may occasionally find ourselves being a lot like our own moms.

       "Please make your bed."

       "Could you hang the towels up on the rack before leaving the bathroom?"

       "Eat all your carrots. They're good for your eyesight." 

       "You can do it.  Just keep practicing. Don't give up!" (This one is my personal favorite)

         Remember when you were little and someone gave you a gift or trinket of some sort, and your mom gave you that look?  You know, the one with the raised eyebrow?  She would lean in and whisper, "Now what do you say?" Of course, we gave that perfunctory, "Thank you!"

    As little girls, we may not have felt (or exhibited) true thankfulness in our hearts at the time, but over the years, we learned what it meant to have true gratitude. In other words -- It sunk in! 

    Do we find ourselves sitting a little taller or pushing our shoulders back because we recall our girlhood days when mom admonished us to to stop slumping? 

    Something I appreciate about my mom is her unconditional love and encouragement throughout my life. I remember when  I was in eighth grade and tried out for a speaking part in the school's play. I came home and found her in the kitchen. I began to tell her about the audition and how after it was over, I sat on those wooden bleachers waiting to hear my name mentioned. Only, it didn't get mentioned. I put my forehead on the table and burst into tears. My mom came over to hug me and said, "I love you, honey. I love you." 

     We shared a cup of hot chocolate that afternoon and talked about the disappointment.   

    Perhaps those seemingly mundane, simple reminders are important after all, and will be recalled and replayed in our minds many years later....

    Again -- Happy Mother's Day to all of you!