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Feb 16, 2013

Order In The House

MaryAnn Gaver

As the soldier was thrown from his horse, his trumpet sailed through the air and landed across the field.  All he remembered was a glimpse of shining brass before everything went black...

It was a rough day in Lego land.  The battle raged.  Swords flashed, knights clashed, and horses raced to the front lines.  After it was over -- all you could see were the dead.

"Okay guys.  Battle's over.  Time to clean up,"  I said as I glanced at the morning carnage.

... I thought about how I wanted to teach the guys that messes are okay as long as you clean them up.

I don't know who said that house cleaning was like stringing beads -- only with no knot at the end!  So true.  House cleaning does feel like an endless cycle, but doesn't have to be a burden when you have the kids pitch in.   

You may think that it's strange, but I never minded doing house work. Then again -- I had help. I actively enlisted and recruited all occupants of the household.  So, I recommend that you have your kids learn at a young age to help around the house.

Even young children can make their beds, clean up their toys, & fold towels.  Once they're old enough, they can help with doing laundry, stacking dishes & vacuuming.  I think chore charts are great.  You can make one yourself and hang it on the fridge.

I always insisted that the boys make their beds each morning and help in the house & yard.  Now, I'm glad that I did!   

Sometimes I used post-it notes next to the cereal bowls on the breakfast table as reminders for morning chores:

Feed the fish.  Take out the trash.  Windex the back door... things like that. 

For afternoon chores, I usually gave verbal reminders, whether it was setting the table for dinner, straightening the family room, or feeding the dog.

Now the mirrors in the bathroom are shiny, books are put away & all the fingerprints on the windows are long gone.  Everything's neat & tidy --- but, I miss those days when there were messes to clean up, clothes to fold, and crumbs to sweep.  With the guys at college, things are different.  I miss the homeschooling days....

But, I'm thankful that I taught the boys how to clean up after themselves.  Their roommates appreciate it.  Their employer (last summer) appreciated it.  And when they come home -- I appreciate it!

About the Lego battles -- I miss all the action!  All the knights are back in the box.

Have a wonderful day!  With God's help, keep being a great mom!