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Jul 27, 2012

Opening Ceremonies tonight! Encouraging Our Kids To Aim High

MaryAnn Gaver

Hi moms!

I can't wait for the Olympics to start!  Tonight's the night for opening ceremonies ---

I'm thinking about some of  the Olympic ideals -- the tenacity,perseverance and dedication of all the athletes --

I wonder what all the moms are thinking..... after all, they're the ones that have driven the kids to practices, meets, work-outs.  Maybe they're wondering if it will be worth it all.

When we see the display of athleticism, strength and persistence, we might consider the fact that not one athlete woke up as a three- year-old  ready and able to run a perfect race, get a 10 on the uneven bars or become the fastest swimmer.  It took years and years of work -- along with a good bit of encouragement on the mom's part, I'm sure.  

In homeschooling, our kids won't  wake up being  well-read scholars, playing beautiful concertos, or being  dedicated athletes without day-to-day work and constant effort over a period of years....

My encouragement today is to really listen to your children's hopes and dreams for the future, then to look for ways to lead and encourage them.  Although our kids may not ever become elite athletes, win the Pulitzer prize,  or play as world class-musicians, we can be there to encourage them in things that they do

Whether it's being there for recitals, sporting events or academic pursuits, we can assure them that God will use all their abilities for His purposes.

Does your child like to write?  You can say, "Let me read your latest story or poem."  Does he or she play music? You could assure them that, "I can't wait to hear you play your new piece."  

I remember once when Justin was preparing for a rigorous classical guitar competition -- one night as he rehearsed, I sat in the old rocker in our living- room- turned- music-room along with the distinguished members of the audience (the English Setter and cat) and tried to communicate that no matter the outcome, I definitely had enjoyed hearing the beautiful songs over the past months and  that I was so proud of his effort.  I also let him know that I would definitely be in the audience for the performances.... What I didn't tell him was that I would probably be the first one to clap....

Do your kids like to tinker with gadgets or fix things?  Take interest in their latest project or creation.  Once Austin built a huge LEGO castle on his bed, and at night would sleep on the floor .... I thought, " Okay, why not?"

The point is to speak encouragingly to our kids and to keep telling them to aim high! Who knows what God might do with their talents and interests?

Well, back to the  Olympics... Why not enjoy watching the Olympics together as a family?  It might be great inspiration to all of us, even us moms as we gear up for the coming school year!

Here's a great reminder for all of us today:

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."  

-Philippians 4:13


Gotta run....  

Until next time!