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Jul 31, 2013

Next Step?

Becky Cooke

What is your teen’s passion? Recently in conversation with a young lady, I learned that she has the desire to write stories about little known people groups in the world. She wants to bring to light their way of life and need for the Gospel. She is currently raising support to join a mission organization to work with a team to tell the stories of people groups in Southeast Asia.

What has been her path to this point? She majored in English with an emphasis in writing. After college, she did some short term mission trips to see if foreign missions was a good fit for her. She found it fueled her passion.

How do you or your teen know what his/her passion is? Some questions to ask are:

  • What does he spend his free time doing?
  • If she could do anything, regardless of money, what would it be?
  • Is his interest something he wants to pursue full time or as a hobby?

Whatever career it is, as far-fetched as it may sound to you, encourage your teen to pursue it and provide the encouragement, opportunities, and curriculum to give him the tools to make a wise decision. Most important of all, point him to God to ask for His plan and paths, trusting Him to give your teen wisdom, desire, and open doors to move forward.

Do your teens have no clue what to do? That’s not surprising with all the different careers and sub-careers available to them today. You can help narrow down their interest paths by giving your teens courses in some of these areas, opportunities for internships, or a career aptitude test. There are a number or such tests listed on our website. Most of them can be taken online and the results and explanations for reading them are sent to you. Some of the test providers offer optional live feedback (for a fee) to explain the results, make recommendations, and answer the teen’s questions. Two of my children took such tests that proved valuable to direct them to the careers they are now enjoying. In the long run, these tests can save you and your teen money, time, and angst in guiding them into programs, schools, and careers best suited to their talents and abilities.

What are their passions? Answering that question can open up exciting doors for your family.