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Mar 18, 2014

New Trends to Check Out!

Becky Cooke


What do Rebecca Rather, Ken Forkish, and Clara Polito have in common? They are all part of what is now being called the Craft Culture. These are individuals who are following their passions and developing a craft. Whether it’s baking, cooking, woodworking, or weaving, entrepreneurs are enjoying the satisfaction of using their talents and abilities to delight the rest of us.

Doesn’t this sound a bit like homeschoolers? Recently on HSLDA’s Homeschool Heartbeat radio program, Rachel Coker, 16 years old, was featured for publishing her first book, Interrupted: A Life Beyond Words, by a major publishing company.

I met a homeschool high school graduate who interned with a local bakery during high school. After learning all she could from the proprietor, she moved to Washington, DC, and worked for an agency who supplied restaurants and entertainment venues with food staff. This young lady found herself working at the White House as one of its pastry chefs. Following that stint, she became a manager for the placement agency and soon thereafter was offered a job teaching at a culinary school.

If you have teens with a passion, encourage them to step out and find places to feed it.


I spoke with a homeschool mom recently who was looking for options to provide music training for her teen. She knew he had talent but his teacher recently moved and the family’s budget was tight. Not long after, I came across an article about Artist Works Music & Art Campus, an online provider of music lessons for students anywhere in the world. They use video exchange and feedback to tutor teens, regardless of the instrument.

Whether you travel much of the time while homeschooling or are snowed in at home, your teens can continue learning to play and enjoy music on your schedule.

Homeschoolers can easily fit their skills and abilities into these up and coming trends. But be careful – they may find their businesses growing exponentially!


pc: Taylor Leopold, text by C. Klicka