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Oct 30, 2013

My Children Are Walking In the Truth

Michael Farris

On Sunday, nine of our ten children were at our house for lunch. The tenth was on her way back from running the Marine Corps Marathon (where she was in the top 3% of all women runners). Our house was bubbling with kids and grandkids and a lot of happy noise—and yes, some occasional crying since we have three grandsons all about one month old.

As I reflected on that afternoon a bit later, the phrase “they are walking in our footsteps” came to mind. Our kids are all following Christ, all of our kids have homeschooled their kids, and all of us are rooting for Ken Cuccinelli to win the Virginia governor’s race.

But as I thought about it a bit more—none of our children are actually walking in our footsteps. In countless ways, they are different from both Vickie and me. They have different goals. They are on different paths. They have different callings. They make different choices about a great number of things.

Vickie and I are very grateful that we share so many core values with our grown children. But we are also glad that our children know they have the freedom to pursue their own callings in their own ways. 

I really don’t want my children walking in my footsteps. I have no greater joy than to see my children walking in the Truth.

-Mike Farris

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Michael P. Farris