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Aug 6, 2012

Multiples -- We're Talking Twins & Triplets, Not Math

MaryAnn Gaver

Hi everyone!

   Today my twin sister JoAnn is helping me with a cleaning project at the house and I'm trying to talk her into going with me on a trip (I know it's crazy) to Twinsburg, Ohio for the annual Twins Day Festival, a 3-day gathering of multiples from all over the world. I think it would be fun to talk with other twins or triplets and hear some of their stories.  

   When you talk about multiples, inevitably the whole nature versus nurture debate comes up. All I know is that it's a wonderful blessing to have a twin, and a wonderful blessing being the mother of twins.  When moms ask me what it's like being a twin and having twins, my response is always the same: What's it like being a singleton and having singletons?

   Yes, having a twin is a little bit like looking in a mirror. No, you can't read each others thoughts.  Yes, you can finish each other's sentences (still do) and have the same mannerisms and can fool people on the phone. And more than a few times we've showed up at family events wearing the exact same shirt!

   Did we ever switch classes in school? Not telling!  We both chose to play the piano, do ballet and gymnastics. Our piano teacher never  learned to tell us apart and the ballet teacher had no idea which twin was twirling around the studio. But we had an excellent gymnastic coach in high school that could tell us apart and truly treated us as individuals -- something twins definitely need.  We never liked when people called us "twin" or when people didn't bother learning our names.  

   Growing up as a twin meant having a best friend by your side at all times, having your own secret language (hand signals) and understanding each other without ever uttering a word.  It meant having a perfect partner on the playground for the see-saw!

I believe that twins have a very special and unique bond that other siblings don't share. Maybe it's because they're created together in the same 9 months.  It's incredible.

 Psalm 139:14 - "I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well."

   When you have twins, it means a double blessing, not double trouble. At pregnancy, it's four developing elbows poking, 4 knees bending, 20 little fingers and 20 toes moving....  When the twins are toddlers, it means double the hugs, kisses and smiles...

   Today, in total synch -- JoAnn and I worked at my house, ate our tuna sandwiches together at lunch, and had an absolutely wonderful time simply being ourselves -- twins

.... So,  are  we going to the Twin Convention? She hasn't given me an answer yet!

Until tomorrow, with God's help -- keep being a great mom!