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Apr 18, 2013

Moms Encourage Moms

MaryAnn Gaver

   Let me introduce you to two precious moms:  Jessica (left) and Cheryl (right, one of the coordinators) of last weekend's 2:1 (based on Titus 2:1) blogging conference at the Dulles Hilton in Herdon, Virginia. I met so many creative, dedicated and hard-working moms who are devoted to homeschooling and who talk about it via blogging ....

   At first I wondered, "A blogging conference?  What's that?"  I still have issues with the word blogging.  I think of logging, clogging, and jogging, three not-so-attractive words.  And as for that bl sound....it's not my favorite consonant combination --a blah, bleak, blip, blob and blurb come to mind.

   Couldn't we just call ourselves writers?  Oh well, I figure that this is all about learning to communicate better -- to become a better blogger.  See, doesn't that sound a little funny?  A better blogger?  Okay ---  all wording aside -- I had a wonderful time!

    I searched my mind for the right questions to ask. "How are the kids?" and "What are you teaching these days?" You know; the typical mom questions.  But after that initial ice was broken, we found lots of common ground, ate a few meals together, and began to engage in deeper conversations about the struggles and blessings of teaching at home. 

     Moms shared stories about being called to homeschool, and opened up about some of the day-to-day challenges such as keeping the house clean or getting dinner on the table.  And I found out that no matter what --- every mom loves to talk about her children!

   On Friday when we arrived, I met Amy. She was there with her husband, Jason, who was holding their adorable little baby boy at the back of the room.  

    Turns out,  Amy has 7 kids, and is homeschooling 5 of them:  ages 5, 7, 8, 14 and 15 -- two are still in diapers!   She hands me her card.  It reads, "Wife, Mom of 7.  Home Educator... Living Life together in Our Little Red House."  I love that!

   I met moms with infants wrapped around them in baby slings, moms that are learning to manage large households, moms that are veterans (with homeschool graduates), and moms that are in the early days of their homeschool journey. 
















     I enjoyed meeting Zan Tyler for the first time!  She gave an excellent talk. 

    I learned that I  still have a lot to learn!  Just because our kids graduate doesn't mean that we stop being moms.  Experienced homeschoolers may be able to share a few nuggets of wisdom (amidst many a blunder!) with younger moms  --- and we, in turn, have things to learn from the spunky, industrious, newer moms who inspire us to keep growing and learning as mothers, wives and mentors!  I discovered that it works both ways. 

    Most of all, I hope to improve at writing this blog.  My #1 goal is to honor the Lord Jesus Christ and to encourage you! 

   To the bloggers:  Nice meeting you!  And I don't mind the term blogger so much anymore.

   To all homeschooling moms -- I hope to meet you face-to-face some time in the future! 

   Stay faithful in teaching!  And with God's help, keep being the very best mom you can be.



P.S. -  Is there another mom that you can encourage today?