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Dec 21, 2013

Merry Christmas!

MaryAnn Gaver


From our family to yours ~ we wish you a wonderful and blessed Christmas season. I know that you've got a lot going on―not only trying to coordinate the shopping, baking, and wrapping―but finishing the school semester while the kids can still concentrate...


As schedules become increasingly busy, I think we need to give ourselves permission to say no to things that may make the family schedule too full. In other words, it's okay to look at the family calendar and decide when and how much the family can handle. During the elementary years especially, it's important for the kids to stay rested and well. And the same goes for us as moms and dads, too! When we pack the days with never ending commitments―something's sure to give...


I'm glad to have the guys home from college, and in keeping with our Christmas tradition, we picked out a tree, had a special salmon dinner, then a night of decorating the tree and 

watching It's A Wonderful Life, one of our favorite movies. See A Cozy Dinner by the Fire.


Although sometimes I miss those homeschooling years, I've enjoyed each stage of the twins' growing-up years, and am truly thankful for each and every year we've had together...


God bless you this Christmas. Have a lovely and wonderful time celebrating Christ's birth!