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Jul 6, 2013

Make It An Active Summer

MaryAnn Gaver

It's easy to forget that kids need a lot of physical activity as they grow.  Fresh air, sunshine, and plenty of movement is  beneficial for all of us, but especially important for children's coordination, growing bones, and mental acuity. I encourage you to help lead the way in this area, and enjoy burning some calories in the process. After all, we're meant to move!  So, here are some helpful suggestions to get all of us moving this summer. And, don't worry -- you don't have to be super coordinated or athletic to take part in these fun ideas... 

  • Walk - Positively the best, easiest,and least expensive choice. See the blog The Exercise Choice For Busy Moms.
  • Try badminton - After dinner tonight, hand each member of the family a racket, and go outside for a light-hearted game.
  • Consider croquet - Okay, we were the only family on the block that did croquet -- but that didn't stop us. This is the ultimate summer game.
  • Visit the local park. All ages can enjoy the park. Swing, climb, and run around.

  • Hike in the woods. The hills are sure to be a great work-out for your calves.
  • Swim: What's better than swimming in refreshing water on a hot day?
  • Putt-putt or golf: Yes, golf's difficult, but putt-putt's easy. If you try golfing, think of all the calories you'll burn just attempting to hit the ball. I blog about this in Encourage Your Family and Your Family Will Encourage You.
  • Garden, weed and care for the yard. Okay, some people won't count this for real exercise, but it's a great work-out in my bookPlus, it's good for toning your arms, and the whole family can get involved.


Remember -- exercise doesn't have to be formal. It can be as simple as riding bikes, playing catch, or shooting baskets. And never rule out jump rope or an invigorating swing out back on the swing set!  Keep it natural. Keep it fun.

For more ideas about health, please see Healthy, Wholesome Homeschooling. Enjoy an active summer in the upcoming months.

Keep moving!