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Aug 2, 2013

Life Skills for Teens

Diane Kummer

The high school years are a prime time to teach important life skills to your teens. Some skills will be taught spontaneously as you live life with your teen on a daily basis. Teaching other life skills may take some intentional planning. A checklist for teaching life skills may help you organize a strategy to instruct your teens in eight areas: home management, nutrition and health, financial management, job preparation, computer skills, cultural arts, volunteering, and spiritual preparation.

Two back issues of the HSLDA high school email newsletter (part 1 and part 2) provide ideas to teach your teens skills in each area. We also provide a list of helpful resources to get you started. 

Although there is much to teach your teens in the area of life skills, I’d like to encourage you not to get overwhelmed! Remember that everything does not need to be taught in one day. Map out a plan over the four years of high school, gather up some resources, and then teach life skills precept upon precept. These skills will help ease your teens into adulthood and prepare them well for the new responsibilities they will encounter after they graduate.